Claudio Silveira

Claudio Silveira

CEO – Quorum Brasil

Our History & Our Values

QuorumBrasil® trajectory began in June 2001 when a group of executives idealized building a market research company that should go beyond the scenarios diagnosis, delivering recommendations and action plans to the client at the end of a project.

 It is the market research, with a touch of Consulting.

Therefore it is established a different way of work in the sector that consists of understanding the difficulties of each customer, to treat them individually and provide customized solutions. It is the alignment of methodologies to clients' businesses.

Attendance, quality and knowledge, that’s the tripod that focuses on the performance of QuorumBrasil®. This tripod is decisive for the conquest of important clients, and has been contributing to the escalation of QuorumBrasil® in the Brazilian and Latin American research market. It is the simplification of customers’ paths.

QuorumBrasil® head office is located in São Paulo and besides acting in all national territory, it operates in several countries of Latin America. That is being where the customer is.


"Simplify our customers paths."

The success of this mission is backed up by methodologies and attitudes that combine simplicity, agility, experience and support, seeking the most appropriate way to deliver results, recommendations and action plans to our clients.


"To be recognized as the market research company that really adds value to our customers' businesses."

We combine market research with business consulting and the client receives support in all phases of the project, both in the preparation of the initial briefing, as in the recommendations, in the construction of an action plan and even in the actions follow-up. Therefore we want to add value to customer's business.


Our principles seek the combination of five points:

  • Ethics in all corporate and personal practices
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Respect of our customers partners and collaborators principles.
  • Always learn
  • Practice social responsibility

 We act internationally and regionally and behave according to the best market practices of each country, state or region.

 By means of Quorum Social Action we support Assistance and environmental organizations in sustainability practices.


Market research

  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  •  Image and Positioning Research
  •  Communication Effectiveness Research
  •  Products and Concepts Research
  •  Market Potential Research
  •  Qualitative Research
  •  Geomarketing Research
  •  Agricultural Research
  •  Livestock Research
  •  Veterinary Research

Business Consulting

  • Strategic planning
  • New business
  •  Organizational Spirit
  •  Customer Analysis
  •  Site Selection
  •  Sector Trends
  •  New Markets
  •  Market Diagnostics / Business Diagnostics
  • Action plan
  •  International Studies